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Gabriel’s Development Update April 2020


GG started saying the word “blue” about a week ago. What his father and I do for fun is we will ask our Google Home to change the color of the lamp to blue and our son will point at it and say blue which sounds more like “boo.” Sometimes I’ll say “Hey Google, turn the lamp blue” or I can say “Hey Google, I like the colour blue” and she’ll change the colour of the lamp to blue.

He can also walk up the stairs pretty well. We use it as a tool for him to burn off energy before it’s time for bed. You’re mostly sleep very well after a workout on the stairs. So far so good it’s been working. I must add several warnings when it comes to stairs with a young toddler: that

1. You must feel comfortable doing this activity.

2. You need to be fully alert and aware and spot him by walking behind him with arms outstretched in case he loses his balance and falls back.

3. Supervision is a must when he is playing on the top floor or the ground floor. (Suggest a link on how to practice safely walking up and down stairs for toddlers).

He has three teeth on the top and three teeth on the bottom with a fourth one coming out!

I don’t really remember but I think we received this silicone tooth brush either as a baby shower gift or I probably saw it while grocery shopping. I actually didn’t really use it that much because we already had a bunch of teethers for him and I figured once it’s time to actually brush his teeth we will just use a normal toothbrush. But it’s good as an introduction especially because his first tooth arrived around 6 months old. At the grocery store though the first toothbrush I saw was for a three year old. I bought it anyway and he enjoyed it. He uses that as a toy though and he actually put it inside one of my shoes. I’m thinking of buying him another one and just leaving it in the bathroom and letting him keep this one as a toy. Supervision is a must with this one because sometimes he will run with it in his hand and I don’t want him to get hurt.

Some questions to ponder:

1. What were your baby’s next words after Mama and Papa?

2. What did your early dental hygiene/toothbrush journey look like? Is it similar to your children’s?

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