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Happy Mother’s Day


I’m so excited about this Mother’s Day weekend. This is the first Mother’s Day weekend I’ll be celebrating with my husband and four-month-old baby boy, GG. I can only hope to be half as a good Mother that my late Mothers were to me.

Yes, I had two mothers. I was fostered and adopted at a young age but when I became of age, I decided to cultivate a relationship with my biological mother. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

My adoptive mother, Joan, was fantastic. She was already a Grandmother but because she had a love of children, so she continued to foster the neighborhood’s children. I was the last one to be fostered and the first one to be adopted. My adoptive father, Douglas, had built our home with extra bedrooms to fit all the children. I remember growing up with two other foster sisters but they had to leave within a year. I remember playing in our playroom that was solely dedicated to kids. It had a chalkboard on the sliding door, we had Play-Doh, colors, markers, a ton of paper to draw and toys to play with. The playroom was in the back of the house and there was another sliding door that led straight to the backyard where our slide and swing set was located. There was even a sandbox, an adult-sized picnic table and a beautifully painted shed. At one point as I got older, there was a pool in the backyard. My aParents made sure I had everything.

They were by no means rich, but they loved going to garage sales, at least my aFather did. He would find lots of used toys and video games for me to play with. My elementary school friends loved visiting me at my home because of all the toys I had. They probably liked me too, LOL.

Everything was perfect until I turned ten years old. My aMother succumbed to lung cancer : ( And then it was just my aFather and I. I know he did his best to raise me. He even suggested that I go visit the English Evangelical church that was only a five-minute walk up the street from our house. Although I had lost a Mother, I gained a Spiritual Mother named Carole. I was ten years old when I met Carole. She was a Stay-At-Home Mom who volunteered at the church and still does! I am forever grateful to her. One time, in high school, I would attend the weekly teen Bible Study but when I walked there and back home I was smoking! Ugh! I remember Carole offering me a ride in her car to go home and when I didn’t go in her car, she said she would follow me in her car. Thank you, Carole, for that. She also helped me figure out how to purchase pads for my menstruation. I know that was TMI but sometimes we girls and women have to go through things without a Mother or Mother-figure in our lives.

All I want to say is, I would love to wish all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers and all women who are Mother-figures to someone, a very happy Mother’s Day weekend.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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