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Happy New Year 2020


Oh my goodness! I haven’t posted since September 2019??? I guess I really was busy. I know what my New year’s resolution will be, to create content for you as often as possible!

Here are some quick updates for October, November and December 2019:

So in September, my son turned 9 months old and he said his first word which was mama!!!

Baby GG September Update

Then in October just before Halloween, I had ended my maternity leave and started working at a daycare that also had a spot for my son so we were both at the same day care. But then another daycare with a better offer had called me within 2 weeks of working at my first job. They also had a spot for my son which was way cheaper per day so I switched over.

Baby GG, Halloween, 10 months

First Daycare, Halloween

Then he started to walk just before November at his ten month mark. Even my sister said he would start walking before his first birthday. I couldn’t believe it.

Walking at Ten Months Old

Because I gave birth 2 days after Christmas, this holiday season was my son’s first Christmas and first birthday. Everyone was excited. My sister and her family in Ontario celebrated both Christmas and Baby GG’s birthday. So did my husband’s family in Quebec.

Christmas in Ontario

Baby GG, First Christmas

Christmas in Quebec

Although I had only worked at the second daycare for less than a month, some parents were nice enough to give me some Christmas treats like this thermos (that was filled with chocolate), skin care items and a bottle of wine. Thank you!

Thermos with Chocolate

Skin care

Wine from a Daycare Parent

Happy New Year and I wish that you all have your wishes come true this 2020 : )

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