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I’m back!!!

Fasted Running is Amazing

Sorry for the long wait. With my baby growing and starting to eat solids, my schedule became even busier! I’ll have to learn to just squeeze in blogging here and there. It makes me wonder how everyone else does it with 2+ children plus pets 🥰

Anyway, my next post will be about intermittent fasting because I’ve been practicing it and loving the results. I also have a bunch of resources to help you get started on your IF journey.

I’ve also been running with my baby GG and we now have a working treadmill in the basement! I can’t wait to use it and post a review.

We’ve been visiting family and also having family visit us. I’ll post about that as well. I might even share some videos from other YouTubers on how to organize yourself when it comes to blogging. I definitely need that!

Have a fun and safe rest of your week 😊


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