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Kobe Bryant The Legend


First off, I just want to give my condolences to the Bryant family, his friends, and colleagues. It’s one tragedy to lose a spouse but it is a double tragedy to also lose a child. I pray that everyone affected is able to grieve and to are able to cherish memories.

According to Wikipedia, Kobe Byrant’s birthday was August 23rd 1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was quite the amazing basketball player. He was able to enter the NBA league right out of high school which was actually called Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. He played with the LA Lakers for his whole career for 20 years.

I won’t list all of his NBA stats but they are quite incredible. You can find more information from the NBA’s official website here. The jersey numbers he played were actually 8 and 24. These numbers have been retired according to Wikipedia.

Kobe Bryant had 4 children but left behind his wife, Vanessa Bryant and 3 children, Natalia, Bianka, and Capri Kobe who was born just last summer in June 2019. Gianna Bryant was with him in the helicopter. She was the 2nd eldest child.

I only heard of the news on Sunday, January 26th around 8pm. We had just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and I had picked up Baby GG from my friend’s place and I hung out with my friend and her family for a few hours. Once I got home and put my baby to sleep, I think I saw it off of my Instagram account. I didn’t really comprehend but then a couple of nights later, I was cleaning up the last toys on the living room floor and my body made me sit on the couch and then I just cried. Thinking about Kobe Byrant and his family just made me think about my son, my husband and me. We have to do better. We are doing fine but we just can’t forget about telling each other how much we love each other. We have to call our friends and family and let them know how much they matter to us. I held my son a little tighter after I heard the news.

I’ll just end this post with my favorite inspirational quote from Kobe Bryant.

May the Black Mamba, his daughter Gianna and his fellow passengers rest in peace.

Kobe Bryant Quotes

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