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My Birthday Month & Baby GG Update


Hello my Kiksters (pronounced KEEK-STERS),

Kiko is my nickname from high school, hence the word “Kiksters” for my followers. I’ll tell that story another time.

I haven’t posted in awhile and I do apologize for that but we have been having the best summer ever. Baby GG is growing exponentially. He’s already almost 8 months old and every so often I’ll need to change my game plan when it comes to setting a routine and keeping him happy. So far so good. I absolutely love taking care of him, my new house and just having fun with friends, new friends and family.

So far my schedule has looked like this:

Monday to Wednesday: I’ll pack our bags, with baby stuff in-tow and drive either to Mississauga or different areas of Montreal. Baby GG is very comfortable with travelling. I’ll make sure we have enough gas the night before and as soon as I shower, feed him and change his diaper, we get in the car and just go. I usually only make one or two stops for either him or to feed and change GG’s diaper.

For all my pumping and breastfeeding Mamas out there, I noticed an increase in milk supply when I visit people. I don’t know if it’s because I feel relaxed but I normally have to pack extra bottles and freezer baggies.

Baby Gabriel’s Development:

GG has grown so much. His awareness continually increases. He started to have separation anxiety. Not all the time but especially when we’re in a different house and if he can’t see me. I’m not overly concerned about that. I just make sure I take care of his needs and wants and play with him and reassure him during nap times. He just started to crawl very well and likes to smack his lips and blow too. I’m so proud of him.

He started to eat solids just before his six month mark. We became concerned when we noticed that he wasn’t having regular bowel movements. But as soon as we gave him some prunes from those baby pouches, he had a bowel movement the next day. He would have another BM whenever we introduced a new food. Warm chicken soup that was pureed also seemed to helped.

My Upcoming Birthday Bash

Now with my birthday coming up next Thursday, I can’t wait for my party that my husband has organized. He really needs to have a medal for being an awesome man, husband and father. Of course we have our arguments over silly and major stuff but the love he has for his family sometimes makes me wanna cry tears of joy.

I’ve invited the new Mommies that I met via local Facebook groups or by just hanging out at the nearby park and a few old friends. I’m sure it’ll be fun. I said no presents. Just bring yourself, family and food.

Gotta go but I’ll be back

In my last post, I did mention some new stuff I’m into like intermittent fasting. I haven’t forgotten about it but I will post soon. Until then, take care.



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