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My Intermittent Fasting Journey


I`m finally making a post about my intermittent fasting journey a.k.a IF.

(Insert: It`s been 83 years meme)

Alright, back in June, I was about to be 6 months post partum with baby GG. I figured it was a safe time to start really focusing on my diet and fitness.

I am a Mommy. I am NOT A DOCTOR. If you are a breastfeeding or pumping Mommy, please speak with your health practicioner and ask if it is safe for you to start intermittent fasting. Your baby needs calories and nutrients. Fasting may affect your breastfeeding and/or pumping journey.

Alright, now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, let me continue with my IF journey:

My Diet & Exercise Background

I`ve always liked fitness. I started lifting weights at 15 years old, practiced Pilates at 18 years and since then, I always made a point to incorporate fitness into my life on a daily or at twice a week. Anyway, back in the Spring of 2017, my husband and I made plans to go to a resort in Mexico for the first time. A month before we flew for our one week vacation, I had tried Intermittent Fasting and OMAD for the first time. OMAD stands for “one meal a day.” I basically would wake up, only drink water and stopped packing a lunch for work and I would wait until I came home to cook dinner and eat then with my husband. Granted, my health was good and I only worked out twice a week. At the time I was working in the infant room and I informed my colleagues of my plans only because it was my first time doing this and if I fainted or had any health issues, I wanted them to be able to speak with any medical staff of my recent changes in diet. I went from 158 pounds down to 148 pounds within 3 weeks. I was so proud of myself. THE ONLY PROBLEM I regret was that at the ALL-INCLUSIVE resort, I basically gained 12 pounds within a week. That, my friends, is not safe. I didn`t do enough research on how to resume eating properly after a fast which is known as a refeed in the Intermittent Fasting world.

Now I know better. Much better. (smiley face)

What is Intermittent Fasting?

So, fast-forward to last June. Like I said, I was 6 months postpartum and I felt good about trying out IF again. I decided to do some research before beginning. YouTube is a great resource for watching reviews on how others have done IF. Now, IF is different from a regular fast. A fast, you eat NOTHING AT ALL for a day or more and during that time only drink water or anything without calories. With Intermittent fasting, you can still eat during the day but there is an eating and fasting window

Eating and Fasting Window

You may see something like this: 20:4, 18:6, 16:8, 14:10, 12:12. What these numbers basically mean is that within a 24 hour period, there is a time to fast, and then a time to eat. So for an intermittent fast of “20:4” you would fast for 20 hours, only drinking water, coffee and/or broth and then only eat for 4 hours during the day. I personally would start with a 12:12 intermittent fast if you never IFed before. You could start with having your last meal at 8pm on a Sunday night, and then start eating again at 8am until your 12hrs is up at 8pm Monday night. I downloaded intermittent fasting apps on my phone that would remind me when it was time to start and end my fast. (SHOW a screenshot of the 2 apps). After about a week of practicing 12:12, I would move on to trying a 14:10 intermittent fast. Now that means you can either increase or decrease your fasting and eating window time. So instead of having your last meal at 8pm Sunday night, you could stop eating by 6pm and begin your eating window at 4am. When I did this, I would only wake up by 6am anyway and I was able to quickly move from a 14:10 fast to a 16:8 fast.



Well, I hope I helped you with understanding how Intermittent Fasting works. Give it a try and lete know how it goes ????

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