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My Old Class Notes Matter


I tend to do things backwards before needing to go back and fix everything in the right order. That’s okay, things happen and I’m still getting the hang of blogging on a consistent basis.

As I was going through my external hard drives, I found my old Early Childhood Education notes from CDI College way back in 2009! Thankfully I was organized back then so all my notes are in perfect order. I decided that I’ll post the first three class notes and essays but for the rest, I’ll sell them as a PDF file.

Here’s a list of my notes:

2 thoughts on “My Old Class Notes Matter”

  1. Asen says:

    Hey Kimberly,

    This is interesting! It’s always helpful and curious to find some old notes that give you an idea of your past activities. The idea of selling them in a pdf format is excellent and I wish you success! 🙂

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